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Spotty code enforcement?

You may have heard the phrase, "All men are created equal, but some are more equal than others."  According to the Sacramento Bee story today, Sacramento County's code enforcement is kind of like that. Is it privilege or is it just a way of working with property owners to achieve the result? To help you decide, here from that story is a quote from the former head of County Code Enforcement: "It was never just some private person they were worried about,” Simpson said. “It was always some developer or business owner.” And this quote, too: “It’s called selective enforcement,” Simpson said."

Lori Moss oversees County Code Enforcement and Community Development. She was Mr. Simpson's boss before he left the County. Again from the article, "Simpson said Moss and other county managers were willing to waive fees because they don’t want business owners to complain to the Board of Supervisors. Moss denied the claim, but records show she has waived fees herself in response to intervention from county supervisor staff."

So, Lori Moss didn't tell the truth and the Supervisors were pulling her chain. No surprise there. But one thing we can be absolutely certain of, now that Mr. Simpson has let the cat out of the bag, is that if Mr. Simpson ever violates a County Code provision he will be enforced upon to the fullest. Unlike some other folks, apparently.

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