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State and Federal Governments

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Congressional District 6 (blue) and District 7 (tan) separate portions of Arden Arcade

At the state level, Arden Arcade is represented by a member of the Assembly (currently Ken Cooley, District 8) as well as a member of the State Senate (currently Richard Pan, District 6). The Assembly seat is for a 2-year term; it is contested every even-numbered year. The Senate seat is for a 4-year term that will next be contested in 2022.  Each of the 80 State Assembly Representatives serves 465,000 people. Each of the 40 State Senators represents over 930,000 people. Members of the Legislature are subject to term limits. Under current state law, members first elected in 2012 and thereafter may only serve a total of 12 years in any combination of 2-year State Assembly or 4-year State Senate terms. The 12-year limit applies to both of Arden Arcade’s incumbents.

At the federal level, the most recent census-driven redistricting resulted in Arden Arcade being represented in Congress by two people (Ami Bera in the 7th District and Doris Matsui in the 6th District).  East and West of Watt Avenue above El Camino Avenue and in the area bounded by Fulton and Watt Avenues and El Camino Avenue to the American River, the gerrymandered congressional districts split some of Arden Arcade’s unincorporated area neighborhoods as though the neighborhoods do not exist. This situation can be both confusing and frustrating for residents of Arden Arcade.  On the positive side, Arden Arcade theoretically has two voices in Congress.  Still, it is a challenge for Arden Arcade’s nearly 100,000 people to be heard, given that each Congressional Representative serves over 700,000 constituents. Congressional representatives serve 2-year terms that are contested every even year. Arden Arcade is also served by two California Senators who each serve 6-year terms.  One of the Senate seats was contested in 2016, due to the retirement of Senator Barbara Boxer. The election was won by Senator Kamala Harris, who is now the Vice-President-Elect. The Governor appointed the Secretary of State, Alex Padilla, to replace her.  He will serve until 2022, when the seat will be up for election to a full term. The other seat, occupied by Senator Dianne Feinstein, will be next contested in 2024.

At the state level, the statewide elected officials of the executive branch are the Governor, Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, Treasurer, Controller, Insurance Commissioner and State Schools Superintendant.  Arden Arcade is part of the State Board of Equalization’s 30-county First District

The President and Vice President are elected officials of the federal executive branch.


State Superior Court Judges are typically appointed by the Governor to 6-year terms. They may appear on the ballot if they are challenged for reappointment.  State Appellate and Supreme Court justices are appointed to 12-year terms. They stand for retention at completion of their terms, when voters are given a chance to vote “yes” or “no” on their reappointment. Federal justices are appointed to life terms. They do not stand for election.