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It is hard to get a full picture of the "news" about Arden Arcade. The area's newspapers - The Bee, The News & Review and even "Inside Arden" are focused on the City of Sacramento, as are our local TV and radio stations. On social media, Nextdoor is probably the closest thing we have to a local news source. We think the volunteer elves in our newsroom do a pretty good job at filling in some of the gaps for you. On occasion they can get a little cranky, but that's understandable since we don't pay them anything for their labor.

Everything we post on this web site is cross-posted to our accounts on Facebook and Twitter. We are trying to get our act together for accounts on Instagram and YouTube someday. We hardly ever post on Nextdoor since some Nextdoor users can be even crankier than our elves.

Your patience with us is always appreciated and we welcome your comments, which can be submitted to us at:


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