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Sacramento Area Council of Governments

The Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) is an association of local governments in six-counties in our region. The members include El Dorado, Placer, Sacramento, Sutter, Yolo, and Yuba counties and 22 cities in those counties. SACOG is the designated Metropoilitan Planning Organization (MPO) that the federal and state governments look to for implementation of various policies and programs.

SACOG is important because the federal and state governments provide money - a lot of it and on a regular basis - to regional agencies to distribute based on a Master Plan for the region. The money is used for things like highways, mass transit and housing. So SACOG oversees transportation planning and funding for the region, and provides a forum for to study and (maybe even) resolve regional issues. The highway money is mega-substantial, weighing in somewhere in the ballpark of $35B per year. That's not at all trivial. If you live in Arden Acade, would you like to have a say in how those dollars are used? Well, guess what, you have to say "Mother may I?" to the County Board of Supervisors. Good luck with that.

The SACOG Board consists of 31 members, including 3 from the County Board of Supervisors and two from the City of Sacramento. all the other jurisdictions either have 1 member on the board of directors or they are represented by a member in their category. As constituted in September of 2020, the SACOG board is chaired by a member of the Davis City Council and has members from booming metropolises of Isleton (pop 844), Live Oak (pop 8771), Wheatland (pop 4019), Loomis (pop 6823) and Galt (pop 26440). How is it these 5 jurisdictions with a combined population that's less than half of Arden Arcade's have a direct say in the distribution of billions of dollars but you don't? Answer - they are cities.

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SACOG's "territory"
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