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Abuse of Del Paso Park

Back in 1963 the City of Sacramento annexed a bunch of land to its northeast. Among the parcels taken in were those that currently form Del Paso Regional Park. The park occupies a thin strip of incorporated territory that's surrounded by unincorporated neighborhoods. That land is nearly 2 miles from the nearest City of Sacramento resident. so, when push comes to shove and the City of Sacramento has to prioritize its expenditures, Del Paso Park is pretty much last in line.

In recent years, the City of Sacramento has figured out that its holdings at the remote edge are useful for problems the city wants to push into someone else's lap - problems like homelessness. They decided to move their homeless problem as far from city residents as possible, meaning they can claim to be taking a bite out of homelessness when, in reality, the problems connected with homelessness in the City are just dumped into the laps of unincorporated neighborhoods for which the City has no obligations. As you might imagine, significant problems have ensued. Now the unincorporated area neighborhoods are asking for the land to be detached from the City of Sacramento. They want it returned to County control, since the County is responsible for municipal service delivery in their area.

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A homeless encampment on Auburn Blvd in unincorporated Arden Arcade, a way the City of Sacramento "adds value" to our community.


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