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New and improved version of the same old thing?

The Sac Business Journal bubbles and gushes over large new retail project at Howe 'bout Arden, noting the project is "in the midst of one of Sacramento's most prominent retail districts" and says the developer is "...walking around on eggshells about this until the approvals are there" HaHaHa, what a joke! Tragically, this "prominent retail area" is part of the Arden Arcade "shooting gallery" (as the anti-cityhood people called it in 2010). And the notion that The County will not roll over for ANY development proposal is just plain ignorant. Like every other developer, this developer will get everything he wants.

Still, despite the good intentions of this specific developer, it's easy to see the new project is just an expedient, fresh-and-new rehash of the old one: pure auto-oriented retail surrounded by heavy through traffic. No mixed-use, no residential. Chain stores. No long-term vision, nothing to inspire. Just more cavalier behavior by our all-knowing, almighty County. Maybe more details will be unveiled at this Thursday evening's Arden Arcade CPAC meeting. Or maybe it will remain shrouded in platitudes within the County staff's speech to the CPAC. Nothing to see here, people. Move along...

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Howe 'bout Arden developer's rendering. In with the new, just like the old.
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