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Featured wildlife: Yellow-billed Magpie

The Yellow-billed Magpie (Pica Nuttalli) is a resident species of the Central Valley that frequents the neighborhoods of Arden Arcade. A true Californian, it lives no where else in the world.  Magpies have a limited range and specialized habitat requirements. They travel and nest in groups and are fun to watch. They eat almost anything--acorns, grasshoppers, earthworms and lawn insects, flying insects, road-killed animals, and even cat food. Audubon California says our Magpies are particularly susceptible to climate change and could lose up to 75% of their habitat in the next 100 years, a loss that could bring about their extinction.   

Being Corvids (related to crows), Magpies are highly vulnerable to West Nile Virus. If you see a dead Magpie, notify the Mosquito and Vector Control District

May contain: bird, animal, and vulture
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