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Community event: LAFCO presentation 11/16/15

One of the stated purposes of the Advocates for Arden Arcade is to provide education on issues affecting us all, and to that end, would like to invite you to join us in learning about a little-known arm of state government.
If you know about the duties of the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO), count yourself as one of the few. Despite its low-key presence, it has a very important role. Cities and certain special districts must deal with them on issues of annexation, consolidation, incorporation, and other boundary issues.
Just a half decade ago, when voters were asked whether to make our community an independent city, Measure D was defeated. In the intervening years many factors can change the vote outcome. It took the community of Citrus Heights 12 years and Rancho Cordova 20 years until their incorporation effort was successful. From time to time on we see posts that yearn for self-governance for Arden Arcade.
Some of the important considerations that LAFCO analyzes includes: where the boundaries of a new city would be, what amount of tax revenue would be necessary so that the county would break even, and would the new city be financially sustainable and viable.
Whether you want self-governance for Arden Arcade or are happy with the status quo, please join us to learn more about LAFCO's role in the Sacramento region. Mr. Donald Lockhart, Assistant Executive Officer of the Sacramento LAFCO, will make a presentation on Monday, November 16, at St. Mark's United Methodist Church (2391 St. Mark's Way). The meeting starts at 6:30 p.m. If you have questions that you would like Mr. Lockhart to address, we encourage you to send us your questions prior to Friday, November 13, to our email address

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