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Enlightened urban development happens somewhere else

Mixed use development in a SoCal city -- OK, so it's the City of Beverly Hills, but the site is 6.5 acres and the area, in the middle of the metro area, has been developed for decades. So it's not really that much different from Country Club Plaza, which sits on 7.5 acres and is in the middle of the metro area in a part of the metro area that has been developed for decades. There---residences, hotel, offices and a decent-sized public park proposed by a big name architect with proven designs that led to economic development. Here---developer-driven expedient design, no residences, no hotel, no public open space, and some large drive-to-then-go-away commercial uses. Quite the contrast. Sacramento County already has economic development policies that favor mixed use projects like this. Apparently Sacramento County is willing to settle for much less.

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Proposed elevated, public park at 6.5 acre mixed-use site in L.A. Metro area
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