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Housing+Commercial works in the City of Sacramento, why not here?

An article in today's Bee speaks of the addition of housing units to the K Street Mall area in downtown Sacramento. The combination of residential and commercial land uses, known as "mixed use", is a holy grail for the development plans of both the City of Sacramento and the County of Sacramento. Per the Bee article, it looks like the city of Sacramento is making it happen. That raises questions about the County of Sacramento's ability to do the same thing. Is there some reason why apartments or condos could not have been integrated into the design of, say, the Howe 'Bout Arden shopping center or Country Club Plaza? (BTW, please don't claim "the market" as the reason. The current housing market is red hot.)

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The May Building at 1029 K Street is slated for 21 new apartments in the summer of 2016
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