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It Works Everywhere Except Here

The Capital Village Mall sits on about 6 acres in the City of Rancho Cordova. It has stores, business and professional offices, and chain restaurants. Nearby are affordable homes and inexpensive rental apartments. The mall is economically viable and attractive. It is like El Dorado Town Center, The Fountains in Roseville, etc. --- someone had a civic vision and made something out of nothing at these places. In the case of Capital Village, the City of Rancho Cordova guided the development. Some people here say Arden Arcade is being developed under the watchful eye of Sacramento County, doing the best it can to fill empty stores.  The proponents of that approach say whatever a gracious developer proposes to do here is OK because something is better than nothing. A rebuttal might assert that Arden Arcade's development is piecemeal, lacks a civic vision, makes nothing out of something, and has resulted in a series of blown opportunities. What do you think?

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Capital Village Mall in Rancho Cordova. This kind of development could never be developed in Arden Arcade, right? It has Starbucks, Rubios, Chilis, I Heart Teriyaki, Steve's Pizza, Wingstop, Subway, medical and professional offices and a big box store (Lowe's). It looks nice and it is doing well. Hmmm...stores and businesses like that are all over Arden Arcade. But Capital Village isn't overloaded with liquor stores, large discount grocery stores, thrift stores, dollar stores, payday loan or auto title usery lenders, and X-rated massage parlors. And most of the new housing built around it is affordable to the working class--whether owners or renters.
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