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Pave it, dig it up, pave it again

The pavement in Arden Arcade is becoming more and more like the pavement in Sonoma County, which has a reputation for some of the worst pavement in California. So when there is a paving project hereabouts, it's usually a time for celebration. Arden Oaks suffered torn-up streets for many weeks several months ago, with the reward being some of the smoothest pavement ever seen--like glass! Marconi and Morse got some really nice pavement just before the 2015 Senior Open at Del Paso C.C. In 2016, the pre-election pavement along El Camino from Fulton to Howe made a big improvement over the bone-jarring experience it replaced. Meanwhile, the Cottage Way "complete(?) streets" project has been a wonder to behold. Not long after the new pavement was laid down there, when the new road striping paint had barely dried, came the "cut here" dotted lines in the suicide lane. Now the Sacramento Suburban Water District's contractor is cutting into the new pavement as part of the District's project to upgrade the water supply infrastructure. Of course there will be new pavement after the new pipeline ditch has been filled in. It remains to be seen whether that will bring back the familiar bumpy roadway. 

There are plenty of good public works-type reasons (AKA excuses) why new pavement says, "Dig me up." As someone noted on Nextdoor the other day, "Even if there was coordination, they wouldn't work in the same area at the same time. That would be a construction nightmare, and the road would be under construction twice as long. Then you'd hear complaints about that."  So the street is being dug up again and will be paved again afterwards. In the meantime, try to enjoy the spectacle.

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SSWD contractors cutting into the new pavement on Cottage Way
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