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Update --- Pedestrian Safety on Cottage

The Cottage Way "complete street" project has apparently finished making the north side of Cottage between Butano and Trimble better for pedestrians. The new asphalt curb between the bike lane and the pedestrian travelway has been painted white. And there is a new curb on the drainage ditch side of the pedestrian travelway. Here is a photo of how the site used to be.

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Cottage westbound from Kincaid before project

And here is a photo of how that same area looks today, now that the four motor vehicle lanes have been reduced to two plus a median suicide lane and a bicycle lane has been striped. It sort of works as long as pedestrians don't have to pass each other. And if they do have to pass each other, it's helpful that cyclists aren't trying to use the bike lane at the same time. But it is certainly an upgrade now that the asphalt curb is there and pedestrians don't have to walk in the drainage ditch anymore.

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Cottage westbound from Kincaid after project...a little better. Sort of.
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