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Sac Bee article about the sad state of rental housing in Arden Arcade

July 10, 2016

The Sacramento Bee's Brad Branan and Steven Magagnini followed up the recent exposé about the deplorable living conditions of Afghan refugees in Arden Arcade with a scathing article today that points out the disproportionate amount of rental housing in Arden Arcade, the excessively high rate of problem rental properties, and the County's track record of inadequate inspections. From the article: over half of Arden Arcade's population lives in rental housing, much of the rental housing stock is old or substandard, the County considers 2,000 rental units in Arden Arcade to be problematic---1/3 of all such housing units in the County, and the County inspects rental properties in Arden Arcade less often than the City of Sacramento does.  Those of us who live in Arden Arcade are well aware of these circumstances. Such issues, if brought before the County Planning Commission and/or Board of Supervisors, are typically swept aside with responses like "Report it on 311 Connect" or "We're working on a solution." Our gratitude to Mr. Branan and Mr. Magagnini for pointing out that The Emperor Has No Clothes.

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Skyview Villa apartments, one of several Arden Arcade complexes that have problems with bedbugs, roaches and potentially life-threatening dry rot. -- Sacramento Bee photo by Renee C. Byer
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