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Tax-increment-financed housing WITH elevators

Time and again Arden Arcade is told to be thankful to get something instead of nothing. So it always grates when it turns out that other communities get better solutions because the local governing body cared. Here's the latest example: The City of Rancho Cordova has proudly announced the opening of Mather Veterans Village. It's a low-income housing project that targets homeless and disabled veterans. The project got tax-assisted public financing from the feds (HUD) and the state (Treasurer's Office). SHRA and Sacramento County are project partners. But get this -- it's a multi-story complex WITH ELEVATORS. The City of Rancho Cordova says on their Facebook page that it, "wanted to ensure all our veterans especially those who are disabled are able to access the entire village."

What a concept! EVERY unit in the publicly-financed low-income housing project is served by elevators. And the local governing body WANTED IT that way. Roll the cameras back to December 2015 when citizens asked the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors to please include elevators in the similar publicly-financed low-income apartments on Butano. The Supervisors said no to elevators because the developer didn't want to put them in. So for the next 55 years (both projects, Mather and Butano, have to maintain income-assisted status for that long due to the public financing) anyone with mobility impairment, whether permanent or temporary, can access units on all floors at Mather Veterans Village. But at Anton Arcade, on Butano, people with impaired mobility can only access the bottom floor.

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Mather Veterans Village. Like the City of Sacramento's low-income housing project in Township 9, this similarly-financed low-income housing project in the City of Rancho Cordova is a multi-story building with elevators.
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