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Where DUI accidents happen in Arden Arcade

The Sacramento Bee has published an interactive map with data on alcohol-related traffic accidents in Sacramento County. Some of Arden Arcade's busy intersections are among the sites with high incidences of alcohol-related accidents. According to the Bee, Watt/El Camino, Marconi/El Camino, Fulton/Arden and Howe/El Camino were all among the County's non-freeway areas with the highest rates of accidents during 2013-2015. Another problem area is the vicinity around Howe and Hurley--a proposed location for yet another liquor store. That area had 11 alcohol-related wrecks during 2013-2015, with 4 injuries and 1 death. The County Board of Supervisors hearing about whether the public needs another liquor store at Howe and Hurley is scheduled for October 18th at 3pm in the Supervisors' chambers in downtown Sacramento.

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Sacramento Bee graphic Sept. 20, 2016
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