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Update -- We Don't Exist but now Unincorporated Castro Valley does

Last June this blog pointed out that CalTrans does not acknowledge the existence of Arden Arcade, but does have freeway signs directing people to Carmichael. Since Carmichael is just another  unincorporated, amorphous part of the vast UnCity of Sacramento, there must be some reason why it gets recognition but Arden Arcade does not. Could it be because the guy who runs the sign shop (or that guy's boss) at CalTrans lives in Carmichael? Or could it be because not enough people here have asked CalTrans for a sign?

It turns out that email to CalTrans got results for unincorporated Castro Valley (2/3 the size of Arden Arcade) in Alameda County. Unincorporated San Lorenzo (1/4 the size of Arden Arcade) had a freeway sign for decades; their neighbors up the road in Castro Valley wanted one too. Castro Valley's request eventually resulted in a freeway sign for the community -- which now officially exists! If Arden Arcade wants a result like that as well, it's time to get the phones and emails working: in District 3 start with Public Information Officer Deanna Shoopman at (530) 741-4572 or send email to and in Traffic Operations at CalTrans HQ call (916) 653-1816 or email (Disclaimers -- 1) The contact info was taken directly from CalTrans' web sites and thus might not be correct and 2) Castro Valley is in a different CalTrans District, so don't expect the same response.)

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New CalTrans sign tells motorists that Castro Valley is real
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