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(In)complete street

Wilhaggin Drive is an important local road for Arden Arcade. It is one of a handful of streets connecting American River Drive to Fair Oaks Boulevard. It has vehicle lanes for motorists, sidewalks for pedestrians, and a striped bike route for cyclists. In other words, Wilhaggin is a "complete street" that addresses the full set of modes of travel. Well, sort of...  As the photo below shows, someone thought it was important to fix the pavement for motor vehicles. But only half of each bike lane was repaved. Having half of each lane with good pavement makes it harder for cyclists, who must either choose to ride a narrow line where the good pavement is or stay where the pavement is bone-jarring but has more safe space to the side. The bike route is particularly significant because it provides a fairly safe way for cyclists to travel between Arden Park and the American River Parkway. Whether those cyclists are riding two-wheelers or tricycles (you see more and more trikes these days, especially the ones designed for faster speeds), didn't they deserve to have the entire width of the bike lanes repaved? After all, the cars have new pavement for the full width of their lanes.

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Wilhaggin at Wycombe. Who thought it was a good idea to only repave half of the bike lanes?
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