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Mobility problems persist

Measure B in Sacramento County did not get the 2/3 approval vote needed to pass. It was billed as a way to fix the transportation infrastructure in the region. Most people are totally clear on the need to improve mobility. Here in Arden Arcade, transit service leaves a lot to be desired (ever tried to get a bus on Sunday?), pedestrian and bicycle-friendly streets are not exactly ubiquitous (said as kindly as we could put it), and our streets are significantly in disrepair (to put it mildly). Would Measure B have solved those problems, or, at least taken a bite out of them? Possibly. Or maybe the motorists on Fulton Avenue might tell you. 

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Just another typical late afternoon .4 mile backup on Fulton Avenue waiting for the light to change at El Camino. Fulton is one of the few N-S streets in Arden Arcade that connects to a freeway.
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