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No one could possibly have foreseen this

What happens in the center turn lanes (AKA "suicide lanes") on or near Fulton Avenue by the car dealers? That's where cars are loaded or unloaded from transport trailers. That's NOT what center turn lanes are supposed to be used for, of course. The lanes are there so motorists can safely make right or left turns. But that's hard to do when a truck is parked in the center turn lane, isn't it? Now look at the photo below, taken at 3:45pm on a pre-holiday Friday from Fulton at Hernando: get-away traffic has already built up on Fulton Avenue, the northbound lanes are clogged waiting for the light at El Camino, the southbound lanes are briefly clear while the built-up southbound traffic waits for that same light. Now imagine you are in that northbound traffic and you just want to turn left onto Hernando to get to your house---oops, might be tricky, there's a truck parked in the center turn lane. Or imagine you use the opening in the southbound lanes to turn left from Hernando and go north on Fulton. You have to go north in the southbound lanes to get your vehicle aligned within the center turn lane, but if you do that you won't be able to move after you get there because the truck parked in the center turn lane blocks your view of oncoming northbound traffic and, besides, northbound drivers can't see you. Within Sacramento County's vast arsenal of land use approvals, conditional use permits, business licenses, business group partnerships and law enforcement tools, there has apparently been NO WAY to anticipate the obvious need of area car dealers to receive or send their inventory via transport trailers, NO WAY to mitigate the traffic impacts and NO WAY to enforce traffic laws. 

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Travel trailers routinely use neighborhood streets and/or the center lanes of major roads like Fulton, El Camino and Cottage to deliver or take on inventory for Fulton Ave. car dealers. 
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