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Nice Article, Weird Headline

The January 2017 issue of Inside Arden has an article about Karen Bruce and other activists who work on behalf of the Cottage Creek Neighborhood in Arden Arcade. The article talks about how the neighborhood, which generally consists of residences between Marconi and Alta Arden and Fulton and Watt, is largely disrespected even though it is a good place to live. It's always encouraging when the local media try to get to know the Arden Arcade community and acknowledge its neighborhoods. Still, it's a little hard to understand how the story about the Cottage Creek Neighborhood bears a headline about Arden Park, which is a totally different neighborhood in Arden Arcade that is about 2-5 miles away from the Cottage Creek Neighborhood. The headline kind of drives home the point about our neighborhoods being misunderstood. We invite Inside Arden to contact us at

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