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Is it OK to block a public street?

You and I can't just up and park our car in the traffic lane of a public street. Or in the left turn lane (suicide lane). So why is it OK for car dealers to have transport trucks routinely stop in the roadway? Double parking is not permitted by the CA Vehicle Code, nor is parking in the left turn lane. Yet that's what happens all the time along and adjacent to Fulton Avenue's Auto Row. No one at the County could possibly have foreseen the need for car dealers to move inventory on or off their premises via transport truck, right? 

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Double parked transport truck blocks vehicle circulation on Hacienda Way on 3/10/2017 at 11:15am.This sort of thing happens all the time, whether on Fulton, Cottage, La Mesa, Hacienda or other streets, especially residential streets, adjacent to Fulton Avenue's car dealers. 
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