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Arden Arcade is growing

The Sacramento Bee published a story today about "childless neighborhoods". It said birth rates in the region have fallen significantly over the last decade, with the lowest birth rates in affluent suburbs and the highest rates in relatively poor areas. No surprise there. The article also showed neighborhoods in Arden Arcade's 95821 and 95825 zip codes are among those with the region's highest birth rates, something that's been easy for long-time denizens of the area to see. It is also no surprise when you think about our intense concentrations of apartments, our growing refugee population and our"reasonably affordable", yet close-in, houses. Hmmm....lots of young families with lots of very young children in a part of the UnCity where schools have been closed (Winterstein, Pope Avenue, Creekside, etc.), where cars and trucks zip along on streets without sidewalks, where around-town public transit is virtually nonexistent,  where swimming pools have been closed, where there are no skateparks, where there isn't much for a kid to do..... In 2010 the US Census said Arden Arcade's population was 92,186. More recently, the Census identified Arden Arcade as having the region's 2nd highest 1-year birth rate (6% from 2015 to 2016, second only to La Riviera) and twice the region's rate of unwed mothers on public assistance (10% from 2015 to 2016 in Arden Arcade vs. 5% in the region and second only to North Highlands). Could anyone have foreseen this? Are more liquor stores and fast-food drive-thrus the best way to deal with it?

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