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Don't rush into things

Most people around here are aware that significant portions of our major roads lack sidewalks, that very few local residential areas have sidewalks, and that many of the parts of the community which DO have sidewalks have narrow substandard sidewalks with old-style "rolling curbs" that enable cars to easily travel onto the sidewalk. Meanwhile, development proponents like to describe our community as "pedestrian-friendly", even though it clearly isn't. A few years ago the County encountered loud opposition when it considered sidewalks for Arden Park. More recently, "band-aid" sidewalks have been built in a few places like southbound Watt between Cottage and Alta Arden, a fake sidewalk (see discussion and photos in our posts from 2016) was established along the north side of Cottage between Kincade and Butano, and some ADA curb-cuts have been placed at several intersections. In other words, sidewalks have evolved somewhat haphazardly in Arden Arcade. It sure feels like there has been no "plan" for pedestrian facilities.

That's why it was intriguing to read in the March 30, 1955 Sacramento Bee (at page A-19) about developer Randy Parks including sidewalks in his subdivision design for Park Hills Estates No. 2 while the Supervisors were "considering a plan" to require all subdividers to provide sidewalks. That's right, it was in March of 1955 -- 62 years ago. Are they still "considering a plan"? Haste makes waste, doesn't it? 

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Image captured from "114 New Homes Are Planned For 28 Acre Tract" (Sacramento Bee, Wednesday March 30, 1955, page A-19)
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