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Things are being built in Midtown Sacramento that can't be built 7 miles away

KCRA3's web site featured a story by Reporter Max Resnik today on the busy construction scene in Midtown Sacramento. The projects mentioned included mixed-use residential, retail and food; mixed use residential with space for retail; townhouses; and residential amenities such as a new dog park. One of the developers cited in the story, John Hodgson of Hodgson Company attributed the activity to the "urban setting" and had this other comment:  

"You’ve seen all kinds of restaurants and brewpubs and kind of cool retail and just interesting ideas that you don’t see experimented in the suburbs."
John Hodgson in Max Resnick's 6/4/17 report on

Yes, it is pretty hard to find those kinds of projects hereabouts. In our urban setting in the middle of the metropolitan area. A stone's throw from the hip, shiny, new Arena and Railyards. Where construction challenges are so much easier (cheaper land, space to put supplies and a pushover development approvals process). Nope, here is where the ONLY POSSIBLE developments are big box retail, fast food, large discount grocery stores, subsidized apartments, liquor stores and usery loan businesses. What about mixed use? Hah! Not here. Or at least that's what we are told by the Very Distinguished People on the Board of Supervisors and their staff. They know what's best for us.

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IceBlocks development at 18th and R in Sacramento -- mixed use residential, retail and food {Photo Credit: KCRA3}
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