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What, no drive-through fast food?

The Bee has a story today about a proposal to build a "restaurant and retail space at the northeast corner of 16th Street and Broadway, catty-corner to the Tower Theatre." The article says no specific restaurant has been identified yet. In other words, it is a speculative project, just like the Merlone Geier proposal for Arden and Watt. The Broadway/16th site is quite auto-oriented, given its location on Highway 160 a block from freeway ramps to I-50/Business 80. The article mentions how a sit-down restaurant/outdoor cafe is aligned with goals of city officials and local merchants who want that busy intersection to be more inviting. The Bee's Facebook page has a post about the project that even asks, "What kind of restaurant would you like to see here?" Wow, what a concept: trying to make a place better for people, not just letting a developer have its way with the community. And what about that notion of asking people what they want, isn't that crazy?  Why doesn't the City of Sacramento do it the way Sacramento County does and just ignore the input of impacted neighborhoods?

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Architectural rendering of proposed new restaurant+retail project at 16th and Broadway in the City of Sacramento {image from Sacramento Bee article about the project}


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