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Civic visioning in Isleton

The City of Isleton has been conducting a community visioning process. The 94-year-old City is currently asking its 800-plus residents about how to translate their collective vision into action. It's classic transparent-government, city-planing stuff: ascertain community needs through workshops and follow through so it is clear to everyone what specific improvements will be made, how much the changes will cost and what the schedule is, then start implementing whatever the people of the City have agreed upon. If Isleton, an incorporated city in Sacramento County, can do that for 800 people, wouldn't you think a municipal government that serves 600,000 people within the County could find a way to do it, too? Or a municipal government for a community of almost 100,000 constituents, such as found here in Arden Arcade? Before you answer those questions, remember that the municipal government of the UnCity's 600,000 people -- which includes Arden Arcade's 100,000 people -- is Sacramento County's Board of Supervisors. For further help answering the questions, please see Are We Guided By Lack of Vision?

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Residents of the City of Isleton at the City's recent workshop on an action plan to carry out the community's vision {photo credit: Mintier Harnish, on 7/24/2017} 


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