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Is a Dirty Duck Manipulating Arden Middle School?

Neighbors near Quick Quack Car Wash on Watt learned yesterday that there were children in front of Arden Middle School holding signs that read, "We Support Quick Quack Car Wash, Get Your Car Washed There!" The school Principal's Office told the neighbors that the signs were about a Quick Quack fundraiser with Arden Middle School. It was easy for the neighbors to connect the dots with their campaign urging people to boycott Quick Quack because of noise from the business and its impacts on their daily lives and their homes. They wondered whether Quick Quack was using the students to retaliate against the community.

Are the school administrators unaware that Quick Quack's noise and glaring lights have devalued property in the neighborhood and made it impossible for nearby residents to enjoy their back yards? Whether deliberate or not, it can create ill will in the the community if the school lets students raise money by urging people to go to Quick Quack. Surely there must be other ways to raise funds for the school. The neighbors say they are more than willing to help Arden Middle School with fundraising--just not in partnership with Quick Quack. The community has stood by the San Juan School District in its campaigns for more money. Wouldn't you think the schools would prefer to stand up for the community in return?

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Loud noise from car vacuums and loud car audio systems plus annoying glare from parking lot lights and business signs have convinced neighbors that Quick Quack is a Dirty Duck. Quick Quack's cynical school fundraiser that uses Arden Middle School to promote its business is a slap in the face of the neighbors.
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