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Totally Predictable

The Merlone Geier shopping center project at Arden and Watt was approved today by Sacramento County Zoning Administrator. The developer summarized the proposal. Several people from Arden Arcade spoke against the project at the public hearing held by the Zoning Administrator (a County staff employee). No one testified in favor of the project. Those who spoke said the shopping center proposal should be revised. Their concerns touched on the County's lack of attention to detail on matters like whether the perimeter fence would respect the adjacent neighborhood, whether any thought had been given to traffic problems and pedestrian safety, and why the project needed to break so many rules in the rulebook. After patiently "listening" to the public, the Zoning Administrator promptly approved the developer's requests. Everyone expected the result. The County values any and all developers. Ordinary constituents do not matter; nor do their homes. The Zoning Administrator is a just another county employee hanging on to his job. Nothing to see here. Move along.

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Citizens valiantly explained to the Zoning Administrator (white shirt, green tie) their concerns about the proposed shopping center's many give-aways to the developer and the potential for the proposal to harm the community. Not that it mattered, of course.
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