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Doing the best they can

If Arden Arcade was a city, the elected leaders would be trying mightily to clean up local eyesores. But since Arden Arcade is not a city, the community's municipal needs are "fulfilled" by the Board of Supervisors of Sacramento County. We also know, as our Supervisor or her staff often say, that the County is busy -- very busy -- with lots of things. There are so, so many things that the County's plate is full already. Take code enforcement for example. We are told that it is important for citizens to submit 311 Connect/SeeClickFix reports--lots of them. Otherwise, the County won't even know that problems exist. 

So, as a public service to our exasperated bureaucrats and elected officials, here is some information about the prime real estate at 2933 El Camino Avenue. It is known to the County as parcel number 26803410080000, assessed at $248,531. Once upon a time the building there was a house. Then it somehow acquired status as a business/professional site and was used for medical offices. A few years years ago, though--might have been in 2013--the property apparently fell into foreclosure and began to sink into eyesore territory. It remains a blight on the landscape to this day, depressing nearby property values and sending a clear message to passing motorists. It has been officially declared "substandard" and "unsafe" (see photo below). We all know that is another way of saying "Welcome home, Vagrants". And that's how the property currently functions. Need a place to sleep? To park your shopping cart? To dispose of your trash? Might as well go to 2933 El Camino, because the County is unlikely to send anyone around. They're busy doing other stuff, you see. 

Remember, you can help the County by submitting 311/SeeClickFix reports on this property--or any others--that are repurposing our community as a dump. Like the Saving Center on Watt or Mike's Market on Mission, or, well...many other sites. There is no shortage of these kinds of places. Just keep in mind that the County is awfully busy and it might take a while (or forever) for someone to get around to fixing anything. Please be patient.

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Declaration posted at 2933 El Camino. County Code Enforcement is a stickler for detail.
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