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Long-time Citrus Heights resident says it's better now as a city

The Citrus Heights Sentinel recently published a story about Ted Mitchell. Mr. Mitchell's great grandfather bought several acres of land in what is now Citrus Heights way back in 1866. Mr. Mitchell was raised on that land and has lived in the community for 91 years -- meaning he is probably the City of Citrus Height's longest-living resident. The article summarizes his oral history video, done for the City's History and Arts Commission. He tells of his childhood growing up on the family farm, the early talk of cityhood in the 1920's, the post-WWII development boom, and the community's 10-year struggle with the County to gain local control which eventually led to the establishment of the City of Citrus Heights in 1997. In his opinion, the community is a better place now that it is a city:

"We are, as a whole, far better off now then the way it was when it was under the county,” Mitchell said, noting that police and city services are now “much more responsive” compared to when the services were provided by the county. “When it was county, you were just in a piece of the puzzle and you weren’t very important."
Ted Mitchell, lifelong resident of Citrus Heights
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Ted Mitchell, shown here in a clip from the City of Citrus Heights' History and Arts Commission's oral history interview on its YouTube channel.  A 91-year resident of the community, he says Citrus Heights is better off as a city than it was under the County.
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