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Shocked, Shocked, I Tell You

Today's Sacramento Bee editorial expressed grave concern about the Sacramento County Board of Supervisor's lack of, you know, "leadership". Kind of like when Captain Renault said, "I'm shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in" Rick's casino in the 1942 Humphrey Bogart movie, Casablanca. The Bee's editorial staff, which pays precious little attention to our Supervisor's routine style of local government -- a kind of "leadership" that doesn't surprise many who live here in the vast UnCity -- is appalled that the County has money to do stuff (in this case, deal with homelessness) but instead sits on it for preferred pet projects. Well, dear Sacramento Bee Editors, it's how they roll. This blog has written on many occasions about the Supervisor's penchant for doing things they want to do, even when the public begs them otherwise -- think excessive liquor licenses, overabundance of cheap apartments, lack of sidewalks on busy thoroughfares, underachieving shopping centers, etc. Is the solution a more responsible Board of Supervisors? Or establishment of new municipalities? Or will things just keep going like they always have? Time will tell. 

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Homeless person at 2310 Fair Oaks Blvd {photo credit: SeeClickFix Issue #3764056 on Oct. 9, 2017}
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