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Update -- Pedestrian Safety on Cottage in the Rain

Pedestrian safety has long been something of a cruel joke along the north side of Cottage Way from Butano to Cottage Park at Morse. The public controversy over the Anton Butano low-income apartments shined a light on the issue when people objected to the claim that the area was "pedestrian- friendly" and the County Supervisor blurted out something about putting a sidewalk there. Eventually the County created a fake sidewalk by placing an asphalt berm along Cottage Way between Butano and Trimble where there had previously only been a drainage ditch (there is still no sidewalk between Trimble and the park, a route where pedestrians have worn a path along a homeowner's front yard).  However, the County's design for the stretch between Trimble and Butano has proven to have some challenges. The recent rainstorm highlighted yet another concern, one relayed via a Facebook post today that included the photo shown below and stated: “Dear County Supervisor Susan Peters: Thank you so much for the lap pool. Sure, the neighborhood begged for a sidewalk, but in your wisdom you realized we were unworthy of such a monumental improvement and you gave us a trench instead. It's filling up nicely thanks to the rain.” And someone pointed out, in a comment on the Facebook post, that the design does "save rainwater for the drought". Would it be best to think of this situation as being like early-release software, which has "features" instead of defects?

For the "complete streets" project, the County used an asphalt berm for pedestrian safety, instead of an actual sidewalk. There is an unprotected bike lane on the non-pedestrian side of the curb. Rainfall causes water to pond in places along the pedestrian path created by the asphalt berm, leaving pedestrians the choice of wading through long puddles or walking in the bike lane.  
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