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Does Our Community Really Need This?

Get ready, Arden Way, here comes yet another "something is better than nothing" business to, you know, add value (?) to our community's growing array of fine commercial enterprises like X-rated massage parlors, usury lenders, bong shops, liquor stores, hookah bars and other similar businesses that you will not ever find in the neighborhood of a member of the Board of Supervisors. That's right, according to the Business Journal, just down the street from the Kiss N Tell risqué lingerie shop there will soon be a Hustler Hollywood, porn king Larry Flint's "upscale" adult sex gear shop. Upscale? in more expensive and more aggressively marketed than Goldie's Adult Superstore on 12th on the way into Sac on 160. Gee, thanks, so much, Sacramento County and your world-class business development team. Does anyone out there think Susan Peters will be at the ribbon cutting?

Hustler Hollywood Bakersfield. Though it's not against the law to sell their products, apparently not everyone is happy to have such stores in traditional retail locations. {Photo credit: KERO23, Bakersfield} 
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