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Hustler Hollywood in the news -- big time

Pornographer Larry Flynt must have been on Santa's "nice" list because his Hustler Hollywood store going in on Arden Way got a TON of publicity in our local media this week.  If you haven't been following the story, the Hustler Hollywood store for our region will be opening soon on Arden between Bell and Howe. The store will sell sex toys, vibrators, men's sex toys, couple's sex toys, sex lubrications and stimulants, kinky sex stuff, pornographic DVDs, and lingerie. That's a product inventory that convinced the County to determine the business was a "clothing store" that didn't need public scrutiny before it opened. Word has a way of getting out, of course. So the County must have been, let's say, embarrassed when several local media stories let the cat out of the bag this week:

  1. The Bee: "A new Hustler store is drawing criticism in this Sacramento-area neighborhood"
  2. KOVR13: "Neighbors Angry Over Hustler Hollywood Store Opening Soon In Arden Arcade"
  3. KCRA3: "Controversial adult store to open in Sacramento's Arden area"

The County's response has been to claim it was powerless to do anything. You see, it's not their fault that the area is loaded up with x-rated massage parlors, discount stores, thrift stores, usury loan businesses, liquor stores and all the other kinds of businesses you will never find in Susan Peters' own neighborhood. And it's not their fault that a new sex store will soon be gracing one of our community's main drags. Yeah, right. Please ignore the fact that they are the one's in charge of these kinds of decisions. Pay no attention to the tax money they are spending on consultants to figure out how to "revitalize" the business corridors they allowed to drift downward on their watch.

"As a resident of the Arden Arcade area, I am disappointed about this store planning to open on Arden Way. Recently, Sacramento County hired a consultant to begin work to revitalize this older business corridor. It is unfortunate that adult related businesses have learned to work around the legal restrictions and thresholds in place by designing their stores to the extent permitted by law to operate."
Sacramento County Supervisor Susan Peters, quoted in the KCRA video, "Controversial adult store to open in Sacramento's Arden area"
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