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How Long Would It Last In Her Neighborhood?

This RV trailer on Pennland at El Camino is in really bad shape. It is full of junk and trash and has junk and trash underneath it. The tires are flat and there is no license. And it is kept company by a trailer with junk and trash on it.  This has been reported by phone and online to 311 Connect, the reporting system the County uses to keep constituents' complaints at arms' length. Is it a parking issue? Is it an abatement issue? Is it an abandoned vehicle? Is it a code enforcement issue? Is it illegal dumping?  Is it a homeless issue? Is it a health hazard? Well, then, talk to some other County Department. Or a different County contractor. In other words, the County is too busy to handle it or is spread too thin to get to it for quite a while, or (most likely) just doesn't care -- take your silly problems elsewhere. Meanwhile, some things are for sure: 1) it's a turn off for the prospective buyers of the house for sale a few doors down the street and 2) it would be treated differently if it was in Susan Peters' neighborhood.

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Problems like this are dealt with swiftly if you live in the right neighborhood.
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