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We Are Invisible in the June Primary

For the 2018 June Primary election Sacramento County is trying a new approach to voting. All voters will be given vote-by-mail ballots. For voters who prefer to vote in person, there will no longer be neighborhood-based precinct places to cast a ballot on election day. Instead of neighborhood polling places, in-person voting can be conducted at "Vote Centers" that will be open before the election through election day, June 5th.  Some centers will open beginning May 26th and others beginning June 2nd. There will also be ballot drop-off locations open from May 7th through election day. 

OK. Fine. Except if you go to the County's voter info web site you can easily find where the vote centers and ballot drop-off sites are in unincorporated Fair Oaks, Carmichael, Orangevale, Gold River, Antelope, and even Harold and Wilton. But you have to look hard to find them in other places in the UnCity, including Old Foothill Farms, Rosemont, and good old Arden Arcade, which are blended in with "Sacramento". That's right, our community is invisible. We don't exist. And that's just another way that the County, whether it means to or not, misleads and confuses voters around here. So, if your new neighbors -- and there are plenty of them here -- ask you why the Sacramento City Council candidates are not on their ballots, you may need to inform them that it's because we do not live in the City of Sacramento.

BTW, don't forget to vote by June 5th!

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Local and nearby voting centers (blue balloons open May 26th and brown balloons open June 2nd) and drop off sites (red circles), as depicted on Sacramento County's map online
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