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A reality check (...we got fooled again)

There was a post on Facebook today about Arden Arcade's newest 7-11 store that said:

"Last year, 7-11 corporate defended their application for a new store at Howe and Hurley by telling the Arden Arcade CPAC and County Planning Commission (filled with BOS appointees) and the Board of Supervisors, that they have changed their food sales model of nothing but starchy sugars and fats, by adding vegetables and healthy food. I dropped into that store yesterday to see the healthy vegetable aisle, maybe buy some organic greens, and this was all the "healthy" food they had. Notice the Reeses next to the sugary fruits, and yes, that is a pastry cabinet on the other side. The chips are directly across the aisle next to check out." (see photos below)

The writer quite accurately concluded that the public had been conned once again. People who watch our dear Supervisors in action know this is how the game is played -- the project proponent says nicey-nice. The Supervisors show smiley faces, unless the public shows up, in which case they feign concern, but approve whatever the money-dripping developer asks for.  That's what happened with the 7-11 store, which the CPAC rejected after the community made it clear they did not want it. Appointees on the Planning Commission OKed the rule-bending site design, despite community concerns. Then, after faking concern about crime and vagrancy in the area, the Supervisors gave their blessing to the liquor license for the place.

Over in Copenhagen the 7-11 Corporation has already gone crunchy granola. And in Stockholm's 7-11s you can't buy liquor or cold beer. Meanwhile, in Arden Arcade, the new 7-11 hasn't turned out to be an alternative to Whole Foods, despite what the public was told. OK, big deal. Move along, you might say. Except this kind of behavior should not be par-for-the-course. Remember you read that here, because the Arden & Morse liquor store isn't dead yet and there is a new to-go liquor license a-hatching for the Gas&Go that used to be the Valero at Watt&El Camino -- the one that neighbors successfully got shut down for bad behavior. The same guy who consulted for the 7-11 and the Arden&Morse liquor store is consulting for Gas&Go. He is no doubt tuning up his warm and fuzzy baloney for the Arden&Morse and Gas&Go stores. Music as that might be to the Supervisors' ears, we urge vigilance.

"Fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.”
George W. Bush, 09/17/2002
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Oooh! Fresh fruit to go with your candy, soda and chips! Well, more specifically, the fresh food aisle has 10 oranges, 10 apples and 17 bananas. Wash 'em down with a Slurpee!
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