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We are now a DOT COM

Our web site has been changed from a dot org to a dot com site. Though it has been something of a pain to make the switch, we are pleased to finally be part of the best-known brand in cyberspace. From now on, you can find us at:

In the weeks to come, our volunteer keyboard elves have been asked to update all the links to our .org site embedded in our past posts so the links will instead point to the appropriate .com pages. That's not a trivial effort; it will take a while.  If you, Dear Reader, encounter any broken links in our current or archived pages, please send us an email.

Oh, but wait, we have to change the email address, too! Stay tuned for that. In the meantime, you can still reach us through our Facebook ( and Twitter (@4ArdenArcade) pages.

May contain: map, diagram, plot, and atlas
A map of Domain Name Servers across the Internet. Our site can be located now b/c of the green checks. We expect the red "x" marks to come along soon. More than you ever wanted to know about this stuff, right?
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