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Arden Arcade isn't the only place The Bee misunderstands

Pity Foothill Farms, which, like Arden Arcade, is a Census-Designated-Place within the vast UnCity of Sacramento County whose 33,121 souls are also invisible, and thus irrelevant, within Supervisorial District Three's 350,000 constituents. Foothill Farms lost Sweet Dozen, a decent pastry shop at 5707 Madison, east of Auburn Blvd and north of Madison, due to a kitchen fire last Saturday morning.

Sweet Dozen's problem came to our attention through a Sacramento Bee article today entitled, "Popular Sacramento pastry shop closed indefinitely after kitchen fire". And that's just wrong. Sweet Dozen is NOT "Sacramento pastry shop", it is a FOOTHILL FARMS pastry shop, located a lot closer to customers from the City of Citrus Heights than the City of Sacramento. Sure, the mailing address says, "Sacramento", but that's just for the Post Office's convenience. Sweet Dozens's shop in Foothill Farms is 1.1 miles away from residences in Citrus Heights. It is 2.5 miles from a large park on the outskirts of Sacramento's city limits, but it is almost another 3.5 miles beyond that before you get to a City of Sacramento residence. Maybe if the Bee had used Google maps it could have figured that out.

We wish Sweet Dozen a speedy recovery, with fingers crossed that the same permit delays that have plagued Arden Arcade's own beloved Flapjack's don't befall Sweet Dozen. We also wish The Bee would show Foothill Farms some respect. Yeah, like that's gonna happen....

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Sweet Dozen's shop at 5707 Madison in foothill Farms. {Photo from Sweet Dozen}
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