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Good Day covers Mike's Market

KMAX-TV's news crew visited the pigeon-plagued strip mall at El Camino and Mission yesterday and aired segments on both sister station KOVR's evening news that night and on it's own morning newscast, Good Day, this morning. The report said the community is not happy with the problems that have befallen the vacant Mike's Market property -- broken windows, transients, trash, bird droppings -- and about the County's seeming reluctance to give much of a hoot about it. The video reported that County Code Enforcement people responded that the building owner has done everything they’ve asked. The nearby neighborhood's retort on Nextdoor:  "If this is true, they haven’t asked enough from them."

It isn't often that local TV stations take the time to cover stories like this. The community's pleas to County officials to work with the property owner and get the problems fixed had been going nowhere. Fortunately the local CBS Sacramento news people (CBS Sacramento runs both KOVR and KMAX here) responded when the community urged and have brought the item to their large viewing audience. Will there be some forward progress now? Time will tell.

The bird droppings at Mike's Market are extensive and can pose a health problem for nearby businesses, restaurants and residences. {Photo credit -- KMAX-TV Good Day video "Carmichael Strip Mall Problem" on 6/7/2018}
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