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Laws are useless if they are not enforced

Back in November 2016 this blog pointed out the problem of center-left-turn-lane abuse by delivery trucks serving the Fulton Avenue car dealerships. The problem has persisted, as just about anyone who travels near the car dealerships on Fulton, El Camino or Cottage knows. Here's how the game works: 1) the County pays the CHP to enforce traffic laws in Arden Arcade, 2) the CHP asks citizens (at the bi-monthly Sheriff meetings) to be the CHP's eyes and ears, alerting them to traffic problems, 3) citizens who tell the CHP about traffic problems are told, "There are no patrol units there for that."  Thus the CHP winds up in the role of "working with" the car dealerships instead of citing the trucks for parking in the center left turn lane. Which is about as effective as "working with" speeders to get them to please slow down instead of citing them. Or "working with" drunk drivers to get them to not drive impaired.

Lest you think it is no big deal for delivery trucks to unload cars in the middle of the street, the California Vehicle Code (Section 21460.5) is very specific about how the center left turn lane can be used: it is a special traffic lane intended for left turns into or out of the roadway. Parking is not one of the permitted uses. Imagine if you or I parked in the center left turn lane, blocking the entry/exit of a shopping center, and went into Starbucks to get a cup of coffee. We would expect to get a ticket for that, right? But the car dealers' delivery trucks won't be ticketed. Ever. Because car dealers. Or something.  They do it every day, regardless of traffic congestion, road construction projects, or other motorists' needs for the roadway. They do it in the center left turn lane, in "no parking" areas, in "no stopping" areas, at intersections, wherever they feel like it. They do it day or night (see photo). In summary, the County spends our tax money paying the CHP to do a job they can't -- or won't -- do. If you complain to the County you will be told to talk to the CHP. And when you talk to the CHP? Crickets.

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Photo taken at 8:20pm on June 21, 2018: cars being unloaded in the westbound left turn lane of Cottage at Fulton. It's illegal, but there is never anyone around to enforce traffic rules.
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