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Learning from Elk Grove -- the key word is "vision"

Old Town Elk Grove traces its roots to a stage stop back in 1850 and a railroad depot in 1868. By the time the City of Elk Grove was formed in 2000, Old Town was still the at the core of the new city, but it wasn't what one would call a "thriving downtown". The City has been seeking an upgrade for Old Town since it gained land use control from Sacramento County as a result of the municipal incorporation. Now Old Town Elk Grove is on the verge of a major renovation. The Sacramento Bee and the Business Journal have reported that the City's Old Town project has attracted significant public and private investments intended to deliver restaurant and entertainment space, mixed-use residences+commercial space, parking, infrastructure enhancements, and a civic plaza. The project is based on community input. What a concept, right? Ask people what they want and deliver it. That's quite different from projects in our community. Here the County waits for someone with a development proposal -- any proposal -- and OKs it regardless of public input because "something is better than nothing". It's the vision thing, you see. New cities actually have one. They tend to envision, and actively promote, upgrading their community. The Elk Grove project will probably succeed because the City is doing something people want done. Can the same be said of projects here?

"The vision is to provide a vibrant, business climate, geared towards nightlife, (intended) to put more there, give our residents greater opportunity to enjoy life here in Elk Grove, and not have to feel like they have to drive to other cities for dining and entertainment."
Patrick Hume, Elk Grove City Council Member ("Elk Grove has big plans to revitalize its Old Town", Sacramento Bee, July 30, 2018)
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Two restaurants and 88 apartments are planned for the renovation of Old Town Elk Grove {Conceptual rendering by D&S Development Company for 9676 Railroad Street}
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