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Flapjacks Update Nov. 2018 -- Coming soon!

Our iconic Flapjacks restaurant is ALMOST ready to re-open! Owner Frank Tofanelli is reluctant to say exactly when Flapjacks will be open again because the County still has to do several inspections and he does not know when they will be completed. It has been a long, tough road since the building was destroyed by a fire in the summer of 2016. One look at the photo below will show you how much care has gone into improving the customer experience while remaining true to the mid-century modern design concept. It’s gorgeous!

Construction projects can be challenging whenever insurance companies and our County government are involved. Added to those factors are: 1) the booming economy in Northern California, which has impacted the availability and cost of labor in the construction industry and 2) significant, tragic firestorms across the state, which has driven up the price of materials and construction equipment and added to the labor complexities. It is almost a small miracle that Flapjacks is so close to completion now.

Back on the subject of urban firestorms, the rebuilding efforts in Santa Rosa and Redding have no doubt brought restoration hurdles like the ones that confronted Flapjacks. And now, many more thousands of residents, businesses and employees have been displaced by the still-burning Camp Fire in Butte County. Our hearts go out to them, as they’re going to have a difficult path back to normalcy as well.

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Wow! The new Flapjacks is looking great!
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