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Featured business: Niello BMW

The Niello Company’s auto dealerships have been selling cars in Arden Arcade since 1969. There are now 9 Niello dealerships in the area, with most of them being upscale brands. The Arden Arcade dealerships represent a big chunk of the company’s 15 holdings in the region. In recent years Niello has been upgrading its local facilities with new buildings on Auburn Blvd. (MINI in 2014) and at Arden Way and Fulton Avenue (Maserati and Alfa Romeo in 2016). Their latest new building is the BMW dealership on Fulton across from Target. The company’s ongoing investment in our area is a strong statement of the importance of our community. It is also a clear sign of how very wrong the anti-incorporation spokespeople were a decade ago. In 2009 one of the naysayers (who owns a whole bunch of car lots on Fulton Avenue) told a public gathering in Arden Park that incorporation would never work because car sales tax revenues were in the tank (true) and would never come back (baloney). Indeed, according to the California New Car Dealers Association, in 2009 at the depths of the recession, new car registrations were way down. But new car registrations have effectively doubled since then and are expected to remain strong. It’s pretty obvious why local car dealers like Kuni, Maita and Niello have been sinking money into their Arden Arcade dealerships. And that’s a good thing for us.

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Niello BMW’s new building on Fulton Avenue is spectacular!
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