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Trying to rescue the Arden Arcade 4th of July parade

Public sentiment on our web site and at our Facebook page has not looked kindly on the cancellation of the Arden Arcade 4th of July parade by the Fulton Avenue Association with consent from the Fulton-El Camino Recreation and Park District. Responding to that sentiment, the Advocates for Arden Arcade have taken on a last-minute effort to raise funds to keep the Arden Arcade 4th of July parade going again in 2019. There is a new GoFundMe page at and local businesses are being asked if they might be able to help. Since some people have commented that they do not want to get on GoFundMe’s mailing list, there is always our own donation button at the bottom of our home page. Some reasons to donate directly on the Advocates’ home page:

  1. Tax deductible - Advocates for Arden Arcade is a certified 501(c)(3) charitable entity
  2. All money raised goes to the community - There are no fees for donating
  3. No overhead costs - The all-volunteer Advocates for Arden Arcade group pays no salaries and has no office expenses. Our entire budget goes to our online presence and, on occasion, room-rental support for community meetings

100% of funds collected via our donate button in May and June will go towards defraying parade costs such as street closures and public safety. If it turns out that the parade could not be saved because not enough money was raised or permits were not granted, we will put the May and June funds towards a better online effort, or some community gatherings or we will provide it to a supportive special district or a community-based non-profit organization.

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