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Should a County Run a City?

Humboldt County, with a population of a little over 132,646, has five cities ranging in size from Eureka (26,843) to Ferndale (1,360). McKinleyville, Humboldt County’s third largest urban area, is an unincorporated Census Designated Place of 15,177 people. The North Coast Journal recently published an article about whether McKinleyville should become Humboldt’s sixth city. Of note, the County Supervisor who represents McKinleyville is open-minded about a new municipal incorporation in his District. He seems to be reaching a conclusion similar to Orange County’s post-bankruptcy mindset: having the county in charge of potholes, stray dogs and petty burglaries isn’t necessarily good for either the taxpayers OR the county. Here in fabled Arden Arcade (population 98,000 or more), it’s the other way around. Our Supervisor, and indeed her entire Board, have a tight grip on the steering wheel. They don’t want to ever let go, no matter what. What do YOU want, dear readers?

"If (the county’s) making money, (McKinleyville) should be getting more services. If it’s losing money, (the county) might well want to get out from under the burden of running a city."
Humboldt County Supervisor Steve Madrone
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Unincorporated McKinleyville, which the local County Supervisor thinks might be better off as a city.
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