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Special Districts Week 2019

Today, September 22, 2019, marks the start of Special Districts Week. California Legislature has proclaimed (ACR 89, Chapter 130, Statutes of 2019) this week to be Special Districts Week, to encourage Californians to become civically engaged with their local governments and to recognize the 50th Anniversary of the California Association of Special Districts. The Turlock Irrigation District was California’s first special district, established in 1887. By now there are over 2000 independent special district throughout the state, providing specific, focused services and infrastructure to their local constituents.

"Special districts are formed by residents to provide essential services that they want and need at the local level. They provide an opportunity to have local control while enhancing services that make communities thrive and survive."
Neil McCormick, California Special Districts Association CEO

As detailed in our Governance pages, Arden Arcade is served by many independent Special Districts, each having their own governing board whose members are responsible to the citizens that elect them:

Other special districts that serve our community - such as the Sacramento-Yolo Mosquito and Vector Abatement District, the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District and the Sacramento Regional Transit District and the Sacramento Area Sewer District are joint powers authorities with governing bodies consisting of appointees from cities and counties in their jurisdiction. The Mission Oaks Recreation and Park District is a dependent district with a governing board comprised of people appointed by our County Supervisor.

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