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Brief Summary of Last Night's Community Meeting

The meeting was well attended. The group heard from Citrus Heights Mayor Jeannie Bruins about how the City succeeded in forming - despite fierce opposition from Sacramento County - and subsequently improved the community while maintaining fiscal prudence despite having to make challenging alimony payments (subsidies) to the County for a quarter century. Now that the alimony period is about to expire, the City is looking forward to having some $6M more in its annual budget. After Mayor Bruins spoke, the group broke up into small groups to identify matters of concern in subareas of the community. Each area then reported their comments to the entire audience. There was some remarkable similarity of issues across the different neighbors. There was also interest in forming a Community Council, which would be a community-based non-profit to address local needs. The group said people wanted another meeting, preferably in early November. The meeting team volunteers (Country Club Alliance of Neighborhoods, Advocates for Arden Arcade and the Greater Arden Chamber of Commerce) have a mountain of work to do converting the flip charts into posts for the web and organizing the next meeting. In other words, please be patient, there’s a lot more to come!

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The audience said they wanted democracy and local control - sooner, not later. Here’s the result when they were asked to raise their hands if they favored incorporation for Arden Arcade.
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