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KCRA3 probably uses Apple Maps

Just yesterday we wrote that Apple Maps don’t recognize Arden Arcade. KCRA3 must use Apple maps to navigate around the area. We say that because today KCRA3 made a rare, but well-intentioned visit to Bohemian Park at Wright and Yellowstone just below Edison. The station was there to cover a, frankly, wonderful soccer clinic put on by the California Storm, our region’s professional women’s soccer team. But, KCRA3 got the location wrong, and that makes you wonder if they used Apple Maps to get to the site.

Assemblyman Kevin McCarty partnered with the Storm to put on the event. He targeted the deeply-impacted, often neglected neighborhood near the brand new Dyer-Kelly Elementary School. The nearest open field was at the school which, even though it sits outside his Assembly district, serves some of his constituents. The school yard wasn’t available, so his staff approached the Fulton-El Camino Recreation and Park District and arranged to have the event at nearby Bohemian Park. OK, so the station came out and did a very nice piece that they put on the evening news. That’s great, right? Um…not really, because the story proclaimed that the event was held in Sacramento. No, it wasn’t. It was held in Arden Arcade. Right here in our dear old unincorporated, invisible Census Designated Place that doesn’t have a Mayor, doesn’t have a City Council, and doesn’t really matter to anyone except those of us who call it home. It was good that Assemblyman McCarty (an El Camino High grad) got the California Storm to provide a really excellent youth soccer clinic. It was great that KCRA3 reported on the event. It was too bad KCRA3 didn’t tell anyone the clinic was in our very own community, Arden Arcade.

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Screenshot of KCRA3’s local news item. Lazy journalism at KCRA? Or were they just fooled by Apple Maps?
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